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Hugo Hurevich –  CEO of HH Travel, became part of the world of tourism in 1975, as an Israeli Ministry of Tourism Licensed Guide, joining the staff of guides and operators of the leading agencies in Israel. For many years he worked for the Ministry of Tourism and the Foreign Ministry, accompanying presidents, heads of state, ministers, journalists etc. on their official visits to the State of Israel.   

He served as an Israel guide for individuals, families, groups from different countries and with different characteristics, Catholic and Protestant pilgrims, Bar Mitzvah celebrations, events and conventions. With the experience and reputation thus acquired, in 1990 he was able to open his own (family) tourist agency, which he directs until this day with the support of his wife Leah in the booking department and son Nadav in the operational and programming part.

This basic team has been joined until today by some of the leading professional guides in Israel. We have an extremely modern vehicle fleet that includes small cars, vans, minibuses and buses (under Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Tourism supervision ).
With our dependable and experienced drivers, we can offer our passengers a safe, comfortable, meaningful trip which will be transformed into a very beautiful and unforgettable experience.

 Our agency is based in Jerusalem-Israel and its subsidiaries, which operate in various countries – Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Greece, today have trained personnel of the highest professional level, credit-standing and a reputation which places us at the forefront of the most serious operators in these destinations. We can organize all the necessary events, with the most varied number of participants.
The accompanying programs are only a part and an idea of what you can visit. In any case we undertake together with the customer to plan a logical, coherent program which is adapted in as far as possible to the traveler’s wishes and possibilities.

Our slogans:

“We are here to serve you and to make our customer’s dream a delightful reality”

“Our passengers are our best publicity”

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